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The research is about operational traction-energy effectiveness of freight cargo locomotives in one of railway areas of Uzbek railways. The research results are based on theory of locomotive tractions method, according to parameters of triple unit 3VL80S freight cargo electric locomotives in nonstop and stoppage modes in intermediate stations, passing tracks, and separate points in operating Marоkand - Kattakurgan railway area of Samarkand - Navоi - Bukhara direc- tion of «Uzbekiston railways» JSC. Whereas, research methods include design of mathematical model of freight trains operation by above mentioned electric locomotives in operating railway area, furthermore, conducting series of traction calculations for different conditions of organization of freight cargo in the given railway area. The results of freight train kinematics parameters and indicators of traction-energy effectiveness of researched freight cargo 3VL80Selectric locomotives on above-mentioned two types of train operation modes, which are organized in railway hauls of Marоkand - Kattakurgan railway area are given in forms of table, graphic dependency, and regression equation. The regression equation is intended to calculate the averaged value of kinematics and energy (in terms of amount and money) parameters of main operating effectiveness indicators of tested electric locomotives in the given Marоkand - Kattakurgan railway area of Uzbek railways considering any train weight of freight train with adequate approximation value. Practical importance of research results is defined by the perspective of indispensable use by heat-engineering train-coaches, specialists of line locomotive sector, and other structural units of «Uzbekiston railways» JSC, because, professional and production activity of the these units are immediately and directly depends on organization of railway transit and points of electric energy traction efficiency of trains.

intermediate station, freight train, separate point, freight cargo electric locomotive, railway track, rolling stock, railway area, kinematic parameter, graphic dependency, energy parameter, theory of locomotive tractions, electric energy, uzbek railway
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