Category: Computer-aided design


Sedih D. V. , Zujev D. V.

From year to year the number of information systems in automation and remote control facilities is growing. Currently, there are software solutions that allow to carry on all the main processes related to automation and remote control devices, ranging from design processes to system operation. But the methodology of the building of these systems does not take into account the requirements of data exchange between them. As an integration solution, the technical documentation industry framework was developed for automation and remote control devices. This article, being the fi rst in the series of articles, describes the concept of creation and the fundamental terms of technical documentation industry framework was developed for signaling, centralization and blocking devices. This framework was developed as a tool of data integration of different information systems of the industry. The article describes the existing information systems and tasks, that produce the requirements for system data integration. It also considers the goals of creating the industry framework, as well as the basic requirements for the transportation technical documentation formats. The article provides the analysis of formats, used in the world market, and describes the main disadvantages of existing solutions. The article also reviews the features of DWG/DXF format by AutoDesk, as it is currently the most common framework for design and presentation of technical documentation data. Based on these cons, the requirements for a new framework, that can be used as an industry-based, have been formulated. Also the selection of a language to describe and of basic architectural components of this framework has been done. The article describes the basic features of the developed framework for data presentation, as well as its structure. It provides the review of the basic entities, needed to understanding the descriptions of documents within the industry framework. The article also presents the entire list of developed components of industry data framework.

Key words:
computer-assisted design systems; ARM-VTD; electronic form of technical documentation; technical documentation industry framework

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