Category: Operation of transport systems


Shvalov D. V.

The article considers the issues of practical application of the approach on performance automation and scheduling of works on the maintenance of railway automatics and remote controlling devices in the process of planned preventive maintenance realization which includes the analysis of known ways to automate railway circuit inspections on shunt sensitivity and shunt effect performance control in the process of finding a moving unit on a rail circuit. At present, topical problem is the reduction of labor costs on the maintenance of dispersed objects of automatics and remote control which to solve for, we propose to use algorithms providing for technological situation identification and determination of the many of works which will be considered automatically as accomplished as well as the many of ones which will be needed to be accomplished in due time. The essence of the proposed approach to automation of being considered processes is in the following: if in the process of rail circuit functioning in regular mode, the situation, that’s analogous to the performance of work on shunt sensitivity testing (that’s stipulated by work operation technology), is realized, then work is considered to be accomplished at the presence of means of reliable control for the values of rail circuit parameters.

Key words:
rail circuits, maintenance, maintenance planning, automated maintenance, shunting sensitivity of rail circuit, technical diagnostics and monitoring

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