Category: Operation of transport systems


Kornev D. A.

In order to choose locomotive control algorithm when prognosing train motion rational mode in an exploitation by the methods of mathematical modeling, the calculation was performed of main technical and economic characteristics of the operation of diesel locomotive 2TE116U with a stock at the use of full power and at control, basing on the parameters of a mode map. The method basis represents train motion dynamic model on a railway section with a given profile. To verify the developed method, numerical studies were carried out in the wide range of changes of stock weights which not exceed the calculated weight. The obtained results have been compared with statistical data on the values of operational characteristics of train motion on Russia railways. It has been shown that train motion mode modelling at the use of locomotive full power gives a significant error at calculating technical speed, at the norm of train weight rate and fuel consumption and does not allow calculating locomotive control rational algorithm on optimization used criteria inclusive of operation conditions. At the choice of locomotive control rational algorithm, the necessity is substantiated for taking into account real conditions of train motion operation by batch or partially batch schedule which are reflected in mode map parameters.

Key words:
dynamic model of train motion, model verification, locomotive control algorithm, statistical data of train operational characteristics, train schedule, train motion mode map, calculated technical and economic characteristics of train motion

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