Category: Operation of transport systems


Vorob'ev I. M. , Novichikhin A. V. , Kovalev E. K.

The article defines the perspectives of “Freight Express” Service introduction which was approved on the polygons of Oktyabr’saya, Moscow, West-Siberian railways of Russian Federation. The task for service constructor formation for freight by railway transport with the purpose to rise route speed of train traffic was considered on the given service example. The given service characteristics and its realization analysis on the railway activity polygon are presented with the perspective of this trend development. There has been fulfilled being pursued work analysis on the attraction of new clients for railway transport, the expansion of provided service list and of individual clientoriented approach while rendering services and while interaction with Traffic Management Head Office. The proposed scheme of informational accompanying of freight service by railway transport on “Freight Express” example describes the service rendering organizational process. In comparison with the service rendering existing approach, the approach algorithmization and automation for wide spread on railway network is proposed.

Key words:
freight process management, railway transport, freight and commercial work, delivery speed, rigid threads of train timetable, formation constructor for freight delivery services

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