Category: Operation of transport systems


Yashin M. G. , Panteleev R. A. , Kushpil I. V. , Fomin N. N.

When break in railway train traffic appears because of the impact of emergencies of natural, technogenic and biological-social character, it’s necessary to restore the sooner the better normal, stable and safe work of railway transport in a whole. Together, if to consider railway transport as a system, the changes proceeding in this system in the case of this kind impact, ‘re possible only above its mathematical model which is built for to describe railway transport infrastructure functioning in conditions of the impact of emergencies and ‘s realized in simulation model. For to raise recovery activity operativity and effectiveness it’s proposed the application of stationary floor recovery kits which include floor devices of railway automatics and remote control. The article describes the simulation model of railway transport infrastructure given stationary floor recovery kit of railway automatics and remote control, the model allows to pursue experiments, to calculate required amount of forces and means for to recover train interrupted traffic on railway stations as well as to assess the effectiveness of being implemented recovery works in emergency impact conditions.

Key words:
railway transport infrastructure, railway station, interrupted traffic recovery, recovery approaches, railway station work continuity, station recovery kit of railway automatics and remote control

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