Category: Operation of transport systems


Bushuev S. V.

The article considers three courses of carrying (traffic) capacity rise: the increase of train length and traffic speed and the decrease of the interval between trains. Reached indicators in these courses and potential in their growth are defined on statistical data basis. The dependence of carrying (traffic) capacity of railway section from being researched parameters is established. The way of group auto-guidance of trains as the development of being applied technology of virtual replacer is proposed. The possibilities and conditions of the reduction of interval between trains, depending on being applied system of interval regulation and expansion of its possibilities on account of group auto-guidance, are presented. The dependencies demonstrating carrying capacity rise at the expense of interval regulation and train length increase are built. Growth potential is determined on account of group auto-guidance application.

Key words:
carrying and traffic capacity of railways, interval between trains, interval regulation system, virtual assessment, group auto-guidance of trains, unified, heavyduty and long trains, train motion speed

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