Category: Computer-aided design


Korotyhin D. A. , Banite A. V. , Kukushkina E. P. , Plotnikov D. G. , Leonenko O. V.

The article is devoted to development prospects for urban street road network with the purpose of integration of delivery service transport flows by the means of velotransport infrastructure introduction and its design process automation. Problems and features of cycle-structure introduction in urban conditions in view of current regulatory framework are analyzed. To solve feasibility tasks on veloinfrastructure designing with the purpose of integration of transport flows for delivery services into an urban environment the methods are proposed including transport model development for prognosis accuracy increase for an effect from being introduced veloinfrastructure onto the considered section of urban street road network. The methods application is demonstrated on the example of Saint-Petersburg city section. The effect from new bicycle infrastructure introduction accordingly delivery average time is assessed on the basis of transport modeling in PTV Visum. In accordance with the analysis pursued, the prospects of bicycle infrastructure introduction into the considered transport districts are described.

Key words:
veloinfrastructure, automation, street road network transport flow, delivery services, cycle courier

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