Category: Operation of transport systems


Shvalov D. V.

This article considers a row of issues and problems in the area of optimal planning of jobs on technical servicing of railway automation and telemechanics devices in the process of planned-preventive servicing realization including the analysis of modern level and possibilities to increase task number being solved during automation of planning. Technologies for infrastructure device servicing, providing for minimizing and ideally - for influence elimination of so-called «human factor» on work implementation quality, are considered presently to be the most promising. One of the ways to reduce unproductive resource costs is to develop new approaches to technical servicing planning at that to, both, long-range planning (distribution of individual jobs by dates) and operational planning (making up an order to fulfill individual jobs within a shift). A vital task is a work planning automation in the frames of planned-preventive servicing of railway automation and telemechanics devices on the basis of fixation of technological situations that’re equivalent to functioning imitation of devices in various modes. In order to realize the set task, it’s proposed to develop corresponding digital models, which provide for technological situation identification and for the definition of work set, which will be considered as implemented, as well as the set of activities, which’re needed to be implemented on time.

Key words:
railway automatics and telemechanics devices, technical servicing, technical servicing planning, digital model

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