Category: Operation of transport systems


Groshev V. A.

The use of axle counters makes it possible to automate the processes of station car model formation and renewal. The existing approaches to define installation sites for axle counters at station necks, fixed by regulatory documentation, are in the location of counting points next to all insulating joints of track chains that leads to equipment redundancy. At the same time, the application of axle counters qua the only control device of track freedom faces a number of obstacles among which we can outline the lack of technical means of rail thread integrity control, the need to apply additional devices for organizing the transmission of locomotive automatic signaling codes to rolling stock etc. In this paper, an approach is considered that allows to set axle counters not at edges of each track chain but at single points which provide for the control of technological process accomplishment. It is shown that the refuse from attachment of axle counters to track chain edges allows to reduce the number of needed equipment. The comparison of track chains and axle counters in part of equipment reliability and this equipment impact on station operation technological process is carried out.

Key words:
axle counters, station car model, attachment location, axle counter location

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