Category: Technical diagnostics and controllable systems


Pashukov A. V.

This work considers the application of Boolean complement method for the organization of self-checking circuits of built-in control for the devices synthesized on being Field-Programmable Gate Arrays. Review is given for the application of Boolean complement method while using various noise-resistant codes. The example is demonstrated for control circuit synthesis with Boolean complement method. Algorithm for control system synthesis by Boolean complement method with the use of weight-based sum codes by module M is formulated. As an example, weighted codes are considered with the summation of weight categories by module M = 3 and M = 4 for these purposes. The given codes have only two control categories that simplifies their application for task solution on the design of functional diagnostics system by Boolean complement method. The comparative analysis of both codes with their use in the systems with Boolean complement has been pursued. The application of Boolean complement method on the basis of weight-based sum codes for synthesis of discrete devices has been suggested.

Key words:
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, self-checking discrete device, selfchecking circuit of in-built control, duplication method, Boolean complement, weight-based sum code

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