Category: Operation of transport systems


Ruziev D.Kh.

The article is devoted to the research of possibilities to apply solar batteries at power supply of devices of railway automatics and telemechanics in view of geographical position of Uzbekistan. The attention in the research is focused on the questions of energy-effective control of turnout electric drives from solar batteries on intermediate stations. On the example of “Sabir Rakhimov” station, the assessment of average-daily quantity of turnout switches has been made, the calculation of utilized quantity of electric energy for turnout electric drives has been pursued as well as the possibilities of this energy replenishment from solar batteries have been defined. The change in solar battery power in different countries on one and the same type stations has been analyzed. The advantages of alternative energetics for the needs of railway automatics and telemechanics have been described. The calculation of the efficiency of the devices of autonomous electric supply system for last 20 years has been pursued on the basis of statistical data on insolation of Tashkent and Moscow territories (for comparison). The technologies of the location of solar batteries on railway infrastructure objects have been presented. Special attention is paid on perspectives of wide industrial introduction of solar batteries for the energy supply of the devices of railway automatics and remote control.

Key words:
energy effectiveness of railway transport, train traffic intensity, turnout switch, electric device, renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, solar battery, photoelectric module, insolation coefficient

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