Category: Transport control systems


Efanov D. V. , Zhukov S.A. , Simakov E.V. , Pentegov D.A. , Feklistova M.V.

To perfect processes of planning, organization and management of transportation process in the undergrounds, automatic complex systems of train traffic are developed. Such systems are embodied on the acting infrastructure during its improvement and the rework of morally and physically outdated automation objects and cope with already industry-introduced systems of automatic planning, organization and management. The usage of complex systems of train traffic management in the undergrounds allows to rise essentially the quality and efficiency of transportation process, especially, at extraordinary situation appearance. In the presented article, the scenarios of switch of acting devices are developed onto the modern automation equipment of train traffic management on metro lines. Technical requirements to parts are presented as well as intrinsic specificities for this or that switch scenario of the equipment are outlined. The submitted results may appear useful at practical realization of complex systems of the underground train traffic control.

Key words:
automation and remote control of train traffic in the undergrounds, modernization, switch of automation and remote control equipment of train traffic

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