Category: Operation of transport systems


Kabetsky A.G. , Manakov A. D.

The article provides a brief overview of the development and application of automatic control systems for subway trains. Modern automatic locomotive signaling systems featuring automatic speed control with signal transmission based on double-phase-diff erence modulation are analyzed. The introduction of electric rolling stock with an asynchronous traction drive and advanced train traffi c automation and remote control systems at the St. Petersburg Metro initiates the drive to ensure their electromagnetic compatibility. For the subway train traffi c automation and remote control systems, there have been no acceptance criteria for electromagnetic interference that occur in their operating range when electric rolling stock with an asynchronous traction drive is put into operation. The article identifi es the main sources of conducted electromagnetic interference and the routes of their penetration into the receive path of automatic locomotive signaling devices with automatic speed control. A method is proposed for determining the limits of hazardous and interfering eff ects (immunity limits) for automatic train signaling systems with automatic speed regulation of the systems of the BARS automatic speed control unit with phase-diff erence modulation and the upgraded PA-M (ПА-М) train automation with phase-diff erence modulation for the St. Petersburg Metro lines. A method is given for the transition from the immunity limits of automatic locomotive signaling systems with automatic speed control to the emission limits of electric rolling stock at diff erent traction current unbalance factors. A technique for measuring traction current at high-potential points on electric rolling stock is considered. A technique for assessing the levels of conducted electromagnetic interference from electric rolling stock by calculating the effective value in a sliding window of a pre-fi lteredtraction current signal of an electric rolling stock is presented

Key words:
Automatic train signaling with automatic speed regulation with phase-diff erence modulation, asynchronous traction drive, conducted electromagnetic interference, interference limit, interfering electromagnetic interference, hazardous electromagnetic interference, traction current, digital signal processing

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