Category: Operation of transport systems


Myachin V.N. , Borovikova K.S. , Krivtsov D.P.

Constructing transport models is a relevant tool for solving various transport problems. The article discusses one of the important stages of creating a transport model — building a graph of a street-road network. The examples of the graphs of the street-road network of cities developed by the authors are presented. Special attention is paid to the features of road classifi cation when developing a graph. The analysis of normative documents, in accordance with which a class is assigned to roads and streets in the Russian Federation, is carried out. Three ways of developing a road network graph are proposed. Methods for constructing a graph using data on the street-road network from the open cartographic source OSM are described in more detail. The main problems of applying each of the methods are outlined. The main problem is the discrepancy between the classifi cation of roads from the OSM and the classifi cation of roads of the Russian Federation adopted in the regulatory documents. Variants of simplifying the construction of the road network graph in the transport model are suggested.

Key words:
Traffic modeling, road network, road network graph, road network classification

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