Category: Operation of transport systems


Barausov V.A. , Bubnov V.P. , Sultonov Sh.Kh. , Barausov D.V.

The structure of an automatic system for cleaning turnouts is considered, the main advantages and disadvantages of precipitation sensors of existing automatic systems for cleaning turnouts are analyzed. It is concluded that it is necessary to develop an advanced system based on a sensor for detecting ice or snow on a controlled surface. The developed block diagram of the formation of control actions of the system for detecting icing or snow on the controlled surface is presented. Рассматрива- ется устройство и способ обнаружения обледенения или снега на контролируемой поверхности. An algorithm is given for its technical implementation, as well as for measuring the anticipatory control of the process of electric heating of the controlled surface of the switches. The results of simulation of the device and method for determining ice or snow on a controlled surface in the Matlab Simulink environment are presented.

Key words:
Automatic system for cleaning turnouts, sensor for detecting ice or snow, block diagram of the control action, method for detecting icing or snow on the controlled surface, algorithm of the control program, simulation model

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