Category: Monitoring methods in transport systems


Osadchiy G. V. , Shinkarenko A. V. , Plotnikov D. G. , Banite A. V.

The article discusses the development of monitoring technologies for industrial and transport infrastructure facilities. The importance of monitoring systems for improving the engineering facility maintenance technologies, as well as the ability to determine pre-failure conditions, predict further changes, and determine the residual operating life, is noted. The authors analyze approaches to the implementation of monitoring systems from the point of view of an optimum configuration. A list of criteria for evaluating the efficacy of the considered design approaches is provided. Recommendations are given for rational designing of monitoring systems and the optimal sequence of actions is determined for creating a universal platform for continuous monitoring of the condition of engineering facilities. The concept of a universal platform for continuous monitoring for infrastructure facilities in the construction, transport and industry is proposed.

Key words:
Technical diagnostics, monitoring system, continuous monitoring, technical condition, infrastructure facilities

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