Category: Monitoring methods in transport systems


Abdullaev R. B.

Application of industrial programmable logic controllers was considered in the article, in order to build a system automating the process of technical diagnosis of the condition of railway automation and remote control facilities. The existing methods of technical diagnosis for similar devices as well as their deficiencies were given in the article. The technical diagnosis and continuous monitoring systems in operation used for the Russian railway automation facilities were listed. Taking into account the considerable cost of the existing technical diagnosis and continuous monitoring systems, the elaboration of a similar system on the basis of programmable logic controllers was proposed. Basic concepts of receiving discrete and analogue data from railway automation elements were given. Some examples, termination points of modules, sensors and check points of the diagnosed elements were presented. It was demonstrated that some modules of home manufacturers do not need additional transducer-controllers to measure the parameters of elements; the abovementioned makes the cost of the future system much cheaper. Organizational structure of the system on the basis of the controllers in question was given. The most effective positions of the controllers at railway objects were presented. The concept of diagnostic data exchange between wayside automation devices and the electrical signal box was demonstrated. Some characteristics of jam-proof communication channels normally involving polynomial codes were stated. The ways to the solution of power supply arrangement for the modules of programmable logic controllers and sensors were listed. Basically, those are ready solutions of the existing traffic control system. Approximate costs on implementation of the system based on programmable logic controllers and the influence of implementable systems on qualitative characteristics of railway performance were given.

Key words:
Technical diagnosis of automation facilities, continuous monitoring, programmable logic controllers for transport, polynomial codes in monitoring systems

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