Category: Electronic simulation


Speranskiy D. V. , Gorelik A. V. , Orlov A. V.

A common task of optimal distribution of resources of subdivisions, involved with automation and remote control systems maintenance, was considered in the article in order to minimize losses caused by their unreliable performance. A mathematical model for the solution of the given problem being a prototype of the table (matrix) model, used for the solution of a classical transportation model, was proposed. The method of potentials, adapted to the stated optimization task, was described as the solution technique; the former was illustrated in detail by means of a case study. An extensive step-by-step search algorithm for an optimal solution was given. Various task modifications for optimal resource distribution, occurring in the process of maintenance organization for railway automation systems, were also stated in the article, with possibility of “transportation” approach application. The former are of interest from the point of view of practical applications. Moreover, a list of other methods for the solution of classical transportation problems, applicable for low-dimensionality tasks, was considered in the article. As transportation tasks are of high dimensionality as well as resource-demanding in actual practice the article contains an analysis of the latest publications, describing possible solution approaches. The methods of dimension reduction and consequent separation were also mentioned in the study and, according to the authors’ opinion, make it possible to reduce computational complexity in terms of data store and time. Special attention was given to application availability of evolutionary computations, particularly genetic algorithms; the latter are iterative and give an approximate, tending to optimal, solution with the number of iterations on the rise, making it possible to discontinue computation if the required order of accuracy is reached. The possibility of using the concurrent programming technology for genetic algorithms was also considered for applied tasks of optimal resource distribution according to the minimizing criterion of train-hours or financial losses, caused by unreliable performance during maintenance of transportation facilities.

Key words:
Resource distribution, effective management, maintenance, automation and remote control systems, classical transportation task, optimization methods, high dimensionality tasks

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