Category: Computer-aided design


Vasiliev A. Yu. , Shushpanov R. I. , Kuzyukov V. A.

Radio channel applicability was considered in the article in order to control computer-based interlocking floor facilities at the railway station taking into account the provision of the required reliability and security indices of a responsible engineering procedure that is train traffic process. Radio communication networking, in which an non-proprietary protocol of information exchange openSAFETY is applied at application level, is considered by means of computer-based interlocking with decentralized interface of bridging devices with control and monitoring objects in terms of a standardized local station. The dependence of error probability from band-width spreading factor of channel frequency by a factor of n was studied in the article. Bandwidth widening of the radio channel was suggested according to the results of the research in order to improve interference immunity of radio communication under complex interference conditions at the station. Moreover, design ratios for estimation of the desired speed of data communication via a radio channel, based on its volume, were presented in the study. The obtained dependencies may be used as one of the selection criteria for radio-transmitting equipment. A brief review of the current channel equipment was presented, which can function in the frequency range authorized for “Russian Railways” JSC.

Key words:
Parcel length (weight), the number of controlled objects, redundance coefficient, bit error probability, bandwidth, interference immunity

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