Category: Technical diagnostics and controllable systems


Mukhopad Yu.F. , Mukhopad A.Yu. , Punsik-Namzhilov. D.C.

The article considers the synthesis of control machine with a new definition of states through marking the beginning of any operator. Compared to Moore control machines and machines with an original structure based on the use of a multiplexer and an addressing scheme, new types of machines have a significant advantage by reducing the number of elements and connections. The effectiveness of the new structural organization for machines of the entire spectrum of complexity is shown. For railway automation, the problem of ensuring traffic safety at a road-rail crossing and the task of controlling a environment cleaning system using ultrasound and the Rank vortex effect are considered. Such a system is economical and most effective for cleaning arrows and hauls from packed snow and ice. For the first task, the volume of the combinational transition scheme when implemented on ROM is reduced by 512 times, and for the second – by 256,000 times. To date, no other synthesis methods are known (except the proposed one) that provide such a high efficiency for reducing hardware costs for the implementation of combinational circuits.

Key words:
railway automation, machines, control, algorithm, combinational circuit, structural organization of machines, ultrasound, vortex effect

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