Category: Monitoring methods in transport systems


Nikitin A. B. , Shatohin V. A. , Poroshin. A. A.

This article is devoted to the study of discharge characteristics at different discharge intensities of batteries, which are used in power supply devices for railway automation and remote control. The authors analyzed the existing methods for estimating the residual capacity and backup time from the battery. The discrepancies between the experimental results and the results calculated by the known calculation algorithms in which the Peukert exponent is taken as a constant. The reason for the error of the calculated parameters was explained and a more accurate method was developed for estimating the backup time and residual capacity of the battery during an intense discharge. The authors have proposed ways of introducing the updated methodology into the technical diagnostic and monitoring systems of the railway automation and remote control (RARC), which can reduce the calculation error of the diagnosed parameters. The article describes the ways to improve the reliability of power supply of RARC and improve safety performance, continuity and efficiency of the transportation process. The article also proposes a solution to the problem of assessing the aging of batteries with the aim of implementing their timely replacement.

Key words:
systems of technical diagnostics and monitoring, uninterruptible power supply systems, intensive discharge of the battery, «compressible battery effect», actual battery capacity, method for determining the backup time

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