Category: Operation of transport systems


Bushuev S. V. , Popov A. N. , Popova M. L.

The article provides an overview of the means used to monitor the state of a track section occupation along a network of domestic and foreign railways. It is noted that the main means of monitoring of track sections occupation along the network of Russian railways are track circuits that detect the fact of a break or removal of the rail, i. e. performing integrity monitoring mode. The article also notes that axle counting systems on Russian railways are of limited use, which is explained by the lack of the ability to detect the fact of a break or removal of a rail. The problem of ensuring the safety of the transportation process by the rail circuits during the integrity monitoring mode is considered: during the integrity monitoring mode of the rail circuits, the electrical integrity of the rail is monitored, but existing damage on the rolling surface and in the rail body is not detected, which poses a direct threat to traffic safety. Based on the review of the use of axle counting systems on foreign railways as the main means of monitoring the track section occupation state and taking into account the fact that existing means of monitoring the condition of the track section do not reveal highly defective rails, the article proposes the partial replacement of track circuits to axle count sensors at the station facilities of Russian Railways. The economic efficiency was estimated based on a comparison of the required capital investments and operating costs for servicing the compared devices, and the dependences of the change in capital investments on the parameters of the stations’ track development were revealed.

Key words:
capital investments; operating expenses; tonal track circuits; axle counting systems; the complexity of the service; highly defective rails

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