Category: Computer-aided design


Vasilenko M. N. , Bubnov V.P. , Bulavsky P. E. , Vasilenko P.A.

The purpose of this study is to prove the possibility of dangerous failure of train control systems during cyber attacks on electronic technical documentation, on the basis of which the design, manufacture and operation of railway automation and remote control (RARC) devices are carried out. The concepts of a dangerous error in the technical documentation, the dangerous technical condition of the RARC were introduced, and the analysis of the options for the penetration of dangerous errors into existing devices in cyberviolation was carried out. Variants of scenarios for the conduct of dangerous cyberbreaches are proposed, and organizational, technical, and software methods of protecting electronic technical documentation when switching to paperless design and content technologies are considered.

Key words:
electronic technical documentation; cyber breach; error in technical documentation; dangerous error; dangerous technical condition

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