Category: Operation of transport systems


Groshev G. M. , Romanova I. Yu. , Kukushkina Ya. V. , Sergeeva T. G. , Sugorovsky A. V.

The article aims to develop the methodological support for calculating the expected effectiveness, the value of required resource costs, the estimated economic effi ciency and the payback periods of conceptual solutions in the area of the operating control center (OCC) system development and modernization. This research deals with a systematic analysis of available methodological elaborations in the area of determination the effectiveness of measures to automate the dispatch transportation management on railways and update it using the method of SWOT-analysis of the integrated methodology for determining the expected operational and economic effi ciency of automation the operational management of transportation at railway sites to assess the expected effectiveness of conceptual solutions in the area of the OCC system development and modernization. The methodical provisions and sets of analytical expressions are proposed for calculating the value of expected positive effects, the necessary one-time resource costs for the development and implementation of solutions and current costs associated with the implemented measures. This methodological support makes it possible to calculate the expected economic effi ciency of conceptual solutions for the automated dispatching control systems development and modernization at railway sites, Automated workplaces of dispatching personnel and Automated educational systems for operational personnel of railways.

Key words:
criteria; effi ciency; SWOT-analysis; assessment methods; automation; results; costs; system; operating control centers; management; traffi c; railways

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