Category: Operation of transport systems


Nikitin A. B. , Kushpil I. V. , Kokurin I. M. , Sharov V.A.

The article describes the main problems arising from the operation of lowdensity railway lines. There are unprofi tableness and uninformativeness of dispatching personnel in relation to the train situation on such lines. A brief overview of known ways of solving these problems is given. The importance of preserving low-density lines in the railway infrastructure was emphasized. Moreover, the latest information on the technical and fi nancial characteristics of all 32 low-density lines of the October Railway is provided. On the basis of this, the authors of the article proposed a new approach to the organization of train movement, capable of ensuring the preservation of low-density lines in the structure of JSC Russian Railways by reducing the costs of maintaining signaling devices and reducing the station staff. In conclusion, the calculation of temporary expenses for the formation of routes for the reception and departure of trains before and after the introduction of the new technological solution was carried out.

Key words:
low-density line; low-traffi c line; secondary line; low capacity line; train movement; train control system; railway signaling system; Train-Order system; reduction of operating costs; temporary train delays

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