Category: Computer-aided design


Vasilenko M. N. , Bubnov V.P. , Zujev D. V. , Vasilenko P.A. , Sedih D. V.

Electronic document management acts as a powerful resource-saving technology all over the world. Such technologies as «electronic government», «digital railway», etc. become widespread development. This article deals with the attempt to systematize the «Automation and remote control on railways» department’s elaborations in the area of development and introduction of intelligent tasks of electronic document management in railway automation and remote control. Based on this systematization intelligent components of electronic document management are displayed at the stage of development (analysis, synthesis, optimization), at the stage of designing (automation of design, expertise), at the stage of start-up and adjustment works (automation of testing and diagnostic programs) and at the stage of operation of railway automation and remote control systems (expert systems, digital signature, cyber security of technical documentation). The necessary software modules for realization of integrated system for design and maintenance of technical documentation, the program of revision and introduction in JSC Russian Railways are proposed. The expected indicators of resource saving effi ciency are described.

Key words:
electronic document management; electronic branch for technical documentation; branch framework for technical documentation; intelligent electronic document management

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