Category: Computer-aided design


Sedih D. V. , Zujev D. V. , Gordon M. A.

The method of description of some elements of railway automatics devices in a branch format of technical documentation on signaling devices was stated in the given article. The format in question was developed as a means of data integration of different branch information systems. The description principles of graphics primitive of a document were described in the given study. The basic description principles of graphical data were described in the article. The classifi cation of types of elements for the presentation of automatics and telemechanics devices was given. The notions of a static element and a dynamic element were introduced. The notion of description of connections between elements was presented separately, the latter makes the format in question compare favorably with other types of data presenting. In order to facilitate the comprehension of the structure’s description, some nuances were simplifi ed and not too extended. A full and basic description of technical documentation’s branch format may be obtained in offi cial technical documentation.

Key words:
computer-added design systems; electronic format of technical documentation; branch format of technical documentation

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