Category: Computer-aided design


Vasilenko M. N. , Zujev D. V. , Sedih D. V. , Gordon M. A.

At present, the process of designing modern signaling, interlocking and blocking systems, can not be imagined without the use of computer aided design systems. Ideas for the automation of design began to emerge with the advent of the fi rst computer systems back in the late 1950’s at the head institute of the Soviet Union for the design of automation and telemechanics systems Giprotranssignalsvyaz. The basic principles for constructing computer aided design systems for the railway automation and remote control were developed by scientists of the Petersburg State Transport University and published in 1990’s, and the results of the fi rst automated workplace of the designer are detailed in the 1987 article. Recently, due to the development of computer technologies, it became possible to implement the technology of «end-to-end design». To date, the main automation systems for railway automation and telemechanics supporting this technology are the «Corporate Automated System for Designing Interlocking, Blocking and Communication Devices» of OJSC «Roszheldorproyekt», Integrated system for design and maintenance of technical documentation of the Petersburg State Transport University and the group of companies «IMSAT» and «Complex of CAD systems for basic and wiring diagrams of devices for the interlocking and blocking system» of LLC Signal Stroyproekt.

Key words:
computer-aided design; railway automation and remote control; signalling, interlocking and and blocking; technical documentation

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