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Journal of “Automation and remote control on railways” department of Petersburg State Transport University




1. All scientific articles submitted to the journal "Transport automation research", are subject to mandatory review.

2. The reviewing process is directly in the journal.

3. Science editor sends the manuscript for review to an expert, having the closest to the article's subject of his scientific specialization.

4. Referee is an expert in the field of refereed materials, that has publications in this field in the last 3 years.

5. Reviews terms are 7 days.

6. The review highlights the following issues:

· Timeliness of the issues;

· Scientific novelty of the proposed solutions (for the papers of degrees and titles applicants);

· A critical sketch of the article, including the comments and suggestions for its elimination;

· Recommendations on the possibility of publication of the article: disadvantages or "not recommended".

7. Reviewing stays anonymously.

8. If the review contains recommendations for improving and adaptation of the article, the editor board submits to the author the text guides by e-mail with a proposal to consider recommendations during the preparation of a new version of the article; or to dispose it for a reason. In the case of negative feedback the article can be submitted for re-reviewing by the other expert.

9. In case of declining to publish the article the editorial board submit to the author the substantiated refusal.

10. Following a decision on approving the article for publication the editorial board will inform the author, and indicates the period of publication.

11. Certified copies of the reviews are kept for 5 years in the editorial office of the journal.

12. Edition of the journal provides copies of the reviews upon request of Ministry of Education and Science.

Requirements to the text of articles:

Journal “Transport automation research” receives papers that have never been published before, that have scientific or practical originality and fulfil the following requirements:

1. 1. Paper is sent in one file created in MS Word 2003 or MS Word 2007.

2. Article should be structured, should have an introduction, sections (subsections), conclusion and bibliography.

3. The volume of the article – not less than 8 pages.

4. Article text structure:

5. The following additional information is given after the article:
5.1. Information about every author (academic degree, academic rank, position and place of work, e-mail), recommended translation of used terms to English.

6. The license agreement on the possibility of publishing should be attached.

Works should be sent to the scientific editor of the journal Igor V. Kushpil at the following addresses:

Phone: +7-(812)-457-85-79

Edition date: 08.04.2022

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